Content Organizer enhances the organization and functionality around Salesforce CRM Content, Salesforce Files, and Chatter Files. With the latest version, you can now create, manage, and organize content using Library Folders with our custom user interface. Searching for Content and Chatter Files becomes a much more pleasant experience and can help build user adoption. Supplement the standard Content tab with Content Organizer or make it available in a portal or community. Content Organizer is a fully native application, so all files and security exist within your instance.

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Key Features

  • Play video and audio files inline without having to download
  • Includes – Preview and Heat Map Views for easy searching and to see what files are important
  • Perform functions on multiple files with one click
  • Improve search using custom fields and tags
  • Access and manage Library Folders
  • Track which Files your users are engaging with
  • Use the Heat Map View to see what’s popular
  • Functions include; Downloading, Sharing, Deleting, Tagging, and more
  • Test Drive – Load to a sandbox with no restrictions and no limits
  • Free Trial – Install for 2 Days and 2 Users

Content Library Folders

Create and Manage Salesforce CRM Content Library Folders and Sub Folders

Heat Map View

Quickly see what’s popular with our Heat Map view

Play Video and Audio Files

Play video and audio files without having to download

App Gallery

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