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When Content Organizer version 5.7 was released for Salesforce CRM, it provided access to reporting fields. If you already have Content Organizer installed in your instance and upgraded to v5.7, you must run the following script after the package upgrade has completed in the developer console. This will update the Log object records so you will have the data populated for the v5.7 reports.

Please find the CO Log script with Product name:

If you receive an ‘ContentDistribution’ error please ensure that Content Deliveries has been enabled in your instance.

You can do this by going to SETUP and then type in the search box “Content Deliveries” Proceed to enable Content Deliveries for “Enable Content Deliveries” and “Enable Creation of Content Deliveries for Salesforce Files”

For any additional support, please email or complete the issue form and a representative will get back.

If you receive this error, please ensure that you have enabled “Content Libraries” in your Salesforce ORG. Setup > App Setup > Customize > Salesforce Files > Settings > Salesforce CRM Content > “Enable Salesforce CRM Content”

For any additional support, please email or complete the issue form and a representative will get back to you.

Please ensure that all of the Salesforce CRM Custom Fields are made visible in the Content Organizer Settings.  Settings > Custom Fields.  Choose a Library and ensure that the custom field is moved the visible side.  Your new field will now be visible within the Content Organizer application.

For any additional support, please email or complete the issue form and a representative will get back to you.

If you are having issues installing Content Organizer for Salesforce CRM please check the following:

  • You have the appropriate license to run Content Organizer
  • You have Salesforce CRM Content enabled in your ORG
  • You do not have to have Chatter enabled, but it is recommended.

For any additional support, please email

Included in the Map View are the actions listed below.  The actions displayed are captured using the Content Organizer application.  There are not other actions captured throughout at the moment.  Users may also sort the actions by date.

  • Emailed Content
  • Video Plays
  • Audio Plays
  • Downloads
  • Chatter Follows
  • Previews
  • Content Details – Salesforce CRM Content Detail screen

If you would like to see more actions captured, please send us an email to

All of our applications (Content Organizer, Let’s Plan, Visual Calendar) are customizable.  This means that can perform the following or more:

  • Brand the app (colors, logos, etc.)
  • Add / Remove features and functionality
  • Make it work for you!

The “Settings” button is only visible to system administrators.  It is not associated to specific Library Permissions or Roles.

  1. Once Content Organizer has been installed, add it to your users by updating or creating profiles to provide access to Content Organizer.
  2. You can add Content Organizer tab to an existing App or have it stand alone.
  3. Execute the batch process (only needs to run at initial install).
  4. Once the “Home” page loads, select “Public”, “Personal”, “Featured”, or “Chatter Files”.
  5. Select a Library to begin your search.
  6. Add one or many Tags or Custom Fields to your search.
  7. Select the down arrow for more options for each piece of Content.
  8. Select one or many pieces of Content to perform a function with one of the buttons on the footer.
In order to Delete Content in it must not be contained in a Content Pack or have any Content Deliveries associated to it. Please ensure that these have been removed first and then the Content will be able to be successfully deleted. This is a API limitation and not a limitation of the application. Once allows us to perform these tasks, we will surely add this functionality.

Double clicking on the radio buttons of the home page are due to an older IE version.  We recommend that you upgrade to IE 8 or higher.

Currently only PICK LIST, MULTI-PICKLIST, and CHECKBOX field types display in the Content Organizer. We are looking into adding other field types in the future. If you need additional types now, please send us a note and we can prioritize them for our next release.

Many have been asked many times as to which audio and video formats work best for inline playback.  We say it is hard to offer a single solution since there are Macs, Windows, and various different browser combinations.  Our recommendation is to test a format that works best for 80% of your users and move forward with that format.

Here is a link to our documentation around best practices and which formats work more often based on OS and Browser combinations.

When you add a new custom field to the Salesforce CRM Content object, you will need to go to the SETTINGS icon in Content Organizer and add that newly created field to the visible fields section.  You can optionally arrange the order of the fields and when complete save the settings.  You should see your newly created field will now be displayed in Content Organizer.

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