We have many years of experience and knowledge around Salesforce CRM Content and Chatter Files, so we decided to put together a Best Practices series of posts for others to learn from.  Salesforce.com has some wonderful features and functions, but to ensure users have a great experience certain techniques must be applied.

August 2014 Edition – Best Practices for Salesforce CRM Content and Chatter Files:

How to organize your Salesforce CRM Content – Let’s first start off by applying some basic administration items.

  1. Ensure that at least one Library is setup as a Read Only.  This will ensure that your users can not update any “approved” material.  Use other Libraries for teams, 3rd parties, etc.
  2. Ensure that the file naming conventions are consistent.  It is essential to having a smooth consistent experience for your users
  3. Review the current material and group them into categories (taxonomies) that your users appreciate, not what you think they want

Once these items are setup, create the Salesforce CRM Content – Fields.  These fields become your filters and are vital for the success of your users searching for Content.  It is recommended that pick list values be used whenever possible.  This will keep the data consistent when publishing content.  You can also use Content Types to then allocate which fields belong to which Libraries.  Train your users on how to view the entire universe of content and then apply 1,2, or 3 filters and show them the power of how to get to a finite amount of content in the search results.  The power of filters!

For more information and our expertise with salesforce.com please email us @ sales@letsstrategize.com or call @ 908-376-9773 and we would be happy to review your project and ensure you are applying the right best practices to leverage the salesforce.com features and functions and maximize your user adoption.

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