Let’s Strategize is pleased to announce that a new version of our Trade Promotion Management (TPM) application, Let’s Plan, has been released.  This is a major release with a lot of new and improved functionality.

  • No more total planning for volume on an Event level, it is now base + incremental volume planning.  With this comes a new Base Volume object to house all of the base volume data.
  • Trade Funds Management – Setting an annual budget then allows each Account to be allocated a $ or % of the total trade funds budget.
  • Chatter has been added to Account and Event views
  • Enhanced Reporting, Dashboards
  • Improved Checkbook Summary
  • Understand if an Event is a win/win by viewing the Retailer incremental margins
  • Data snapshots to track special limited edition or various products that are critical to the demand process
  • and many more enhancements

Take Let’s Plan for a test drive today! or call us to schedule a demo @ 908-376-9773