We have many years of experience and knowledge around Salesforce CRM Content and Chatter Files, so we decided to put together a Best Practices series of posts for others to learn from.  Salesforce.com has some wonderful features and functions, but to ensure users have a great experience certain techniques must be applied.

June 2014 Edition – Best Practices for Salesforce CRM Content and Chatter Files:

Avoid using Public Groups when assigning users to Salesforce CRM Content Libraries, unless there is a good reason to do so. Public Groups are great for other uses within salesforce.com, but they can’t be maintained by Library Administrators.  That means that Library Administrators can’t add or remove users without engaging a salesforce.com system administrator.  It is recommended that users be added to Salesforce CRM Content Libraries as Individuals.  It is a little more time consuming, but allows for greater flexibility and ownership of user maintenance on the Salesforce CRM Content Library Administrator and less dependance on the salesforce.com System Administrator.

For more information and our expertise with salesforce.com please email us @ sales@letsstrategize.com or call @ 908-376-9773 and we would be happy to review your project and ensure you are applying the right best practices to leverage the salesforce.com features and functions and maximize your user adoption.