LP Settings > Synching has an error?

Posted on by Let's Strategize


When you receive an error when selecting “Synch” on the LP Settings, it is because you must allow security permission.  This is a one-time setup that needs to occur.  Please COPY to clipboard the URL in the error message on screen.  It will look something like this: “https://letsplan-ls.na3.visual.force.com” then proceed to SETUP > ADMINISTRATION SETUP > SECURITY CONTROLS > REMOTE SITE SETTINGS.  Select “New” Enter a name (example: LetsPlanSettings), PASTE from clipboard the URL into the “Remote Site URL” text box.  The other fields are optional.  Save the record and perform the sync again.

For any additional support, please email support@letsstrategize.com or complete the issue form and a representative will get back to you.