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How to update Content Organizer Logs for version 5.7

When Content Organizer version 5.7 was released for Salesforce CRM, it provided access to reporting fields. If you already have […]

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‘ContentDistribution’ error when installing Content Organizer v5.5

If you receive an ‘ContentDistribution’ error please ensure that Content Deliveries has been enabled in your instance.     […]

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I received a VF error after installation

If you receive this error, please ensure that you have enabled “Content Libraries” in your Salesforce ORG. Setup > App […]

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Why won’t our Custom Field (Filter) show?

Please ensure that all of the Salesforce CRM Custom Fields are made visible in the Content Organizer Settings.  Settings > […]

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Problems installing Content Organizer?

If you are having issues installing Content Organizer for Salesforce CRM please check the following: You have the appropriate […]

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