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Consummate Technologies and Let’s Strategize is Pleased to Announce the First Application “Content Organizer” of its kind on the Salesforce AppExchange

“Content Organizer” has been on the Salesforce AppExchange for many years, and with its latest release, version “Content Organizer v5.5”, this niche application becomes the first of its kind on the Salesforce AppExchange to provide a User Interface to the Salesforce CRM Content Library Folders API. This user interface allows Organizations to create and manage Library Folders and Sub Folders within the Content and Library Objects of Salesforce.

Consummate Technologies and Let’s Strategize is pleased to announce the first application “Content Organizer” of its kind on the Salesforce AppExchange.

About Content Organizer

Content Organizer for Salesforce CRM is an application that extends capabilities for users of Salesforce CRM Content, Salesforce Files, and Chatter Files. Users can easily search, preview, and manage files with an intuitive user interface. The 3 views within the application allow users to quickly navigate to files and also see what’s popular with our proprietary algorithm displaying popular files on a “Heat Map” view.

In the latest release v5.5, Content Organizer becomes the first application on the Salesforce AppExchange to take advantage of the Library Folders API. The user interface allows for Organizations to create and manage Library Folders and Sub Folders to help organize their Content within Salesforce. Other enhancements include enhanced video and audio playback, enhanced user interface, improved Content Archive/UnArchive behavior, quick access to Content Deliveries, just to name a few..

Content Organizer can be on a per seat/user basis or with unlimited seats for an entire organization. The application can be purchased directly from the Salesforce AppExchange or by contacting and .

About Consummate Technologies “CT”

Consummate Technologies referred as “CT” specializes in providing Software Products, Consulting and Solutions Services in areas of CRM, ERP, and Cloud Computing & Digital Technologies. CT is serving is clients with high satisfaction rate and act as partners with them in their IT department.

CT Technology Focus Areas –

  • Cloud CRM: Consulting, Implementations, Integrations, Customizations & Development on Platform
  • Cloud ERP: Ramco-On-Demand Consulting, Customization & Implementations
  • Microsoft Technologies: Azure, SharePoint, C#, .NET, SQL Server DB, etc….
  • Java/ Oracle Technologies: Core Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, EJBs, Oracle DB, etc….

CT Products & Apps –

  • CT: “Content Organizer” App on Salesforce App-Exchange
  • CT: “Grid Wizard” App on Salesforce App-Exchange
  • CT: Cloud based Education Product “eduSuite-OnDemand”
  • CT: Mini HRMS: A Salesforce app
  • CT: Land Management Software

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Let’s Strategize is an expert into Business and IT Consulting. Specializing in Business Process Management, and Cloud and Mobile enterprise application development, support, and training.

Let’s Strategize Focus Areas: &, Mobile platform, Siebel, and AWS

Let’s Strategize Products: Content Organizer on Salesforce App-Exchange, Let’s Plan on Salesforce App-Exchange, and Visual Calendar on Salesforce App-Exchange

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